Hey Girl! Thank you so much for coming to my world of handmade and all things creative! I am truly so thankful for each and every person who supports my small business. 

Welcome to Shop The Aesthetic~ To shop the aesthetic means to be yourself and wear whatever aesthetically pleases you. STA promotes individuality and inclusiveness. Unique and vibe-y for any occasion. Earrings great for special occasion and also wonderful gifts for friends. Each piece is made to order and individually packaged for you. 

My name is Danielle. I am the face behind Shop The Aesthetic. I make and package each and every order. I am based in Charlotte, NC. I have been making jewelry & sewing since I was a little girl. I started my creative journey as a professional costume designer. I have worked professionally for over a decade throughout the east coast. Fashion and art are the foundation of everything I love. I love how fashion can show someones personality without them ever saying anything. I started making polymer clay jewelry in 2018. Polymer clay can be mixed and manipulated to create high-end and unique jewelry. It is so light weight and durable that anybody can wear it. Save your earlobes and look super dope at the same time.

Come find me in Charlotte at local pop ups & markets. Thank you so much for supporting my business. Please connect with me on Instagram (@shoptheaesthetic) and tag us in all your jewelry looks